3v3 Tournament Sign-Up

THE DATE IS SET!  MARCH 31, 2019!! 



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This event is a fund-raiser in loving memory of George Daly. George was a life-long resident of Readington and former Hunterdon Central and University of Pittsburgh standout student, athlete, and individual, who passed away unexpectedly in February 2015.

Thank you for joining us for our 4th year of the event, where 100% of funds will go to the George Daly Memorial Scholarship Fund (a 501c3 entity).

The George Daly Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to honor a cherished son, brother, and friend. George was a humble and compassionate person who gave freely of his time and energy to others. He was someone who was kind to those who could do nothing for him, simply because he saw the significance in each person, and the good in them. Someone who was the brightest light in every room just because he didn't try to be. He was brilliant, gentle, and had the kind humor that made you want to make him laugh, just because the sound was so wonderful. 

The scholarship fund plans to award scholarships each year to individuals who "Shine Like George". There will be 5 merit-based scholarships of $1000 each per year as well as one $20,000 need based scholarship given to an individual each year for 4 years, to effectively impact that person's life.